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50th 週年 Anniversary - 歡  迎  您!

  2017  ‘恩 惠 年’

50 週 年 活 動 日 曆
日 期
活 动
1/ Sunday January 1st Mother of God :
Opening Solemn Mass
2/ Sunday January 29th
Chinese New Year Celebration
3/ Monday February 20th
‘History of St. John Vianney’ Presentation
4/ Saturday March 25th The Annunciation
New Parishioners & Catechumens Workshop
5/ Sunday April 16th
Easter Sunday ‘New Baptized’ Celebration
6/ Sunday May 7th
May Procession in Honor of Our Lady of She-Shan with Bishop Chapetto
7/ Saturday June 24th Birthday of John the Baptist
Special Awards and Dinner Celebration with Bishop DiMarzio
8/ Sunday July23th
Family Convocation
9/ Friday August 4th
Feast Day of St. John Vianney Celebration
10/ Saturday September 9th
International Food Courts
11/ Sunday October 29th
‘St. John Vianney & Mary’ Workshop
12/ Thursday November 23rd
Closing Solemn Thanksgiving Mass